How To Watch Wales Quad Series 2022 Live Stream Online

Ebbw Vale Sports Centre of United Kingdom will open its door again for the Wales Quad Series 2022. The hosts will welcome Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man for three days of competition. So, it will be better to look at the Wales Quad Series 2022 live stream online options.

Thousands of Wales Quad lovers are counting the days for the upcoming series in London. World Netball has already announced the official schedule of the next event in 2022. The officials, referees, staff, and sponsors are optimistic about offering a thrilling competition despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are looking for all updated news and announcements of the event, you are probably at the right site. We are here with the latest news, schedules, and updates of the next Wales Quad Series. Let’s learn all about the Wales Quad Series 2022.

Wales Quad Series 2022 at a Glance
Start Date: January 14, 2022
End Date: January 16, 2022
Live Stream: Watch Here
TV Coverage: Sky Sports, Nine, Sky Sport
Location: Ebbw Vale Sports Centre, United Kingdom

Wales Quad Series 2022 Schedule

Wales Netball will play a six match Test series against Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man in January. The Wales Quad Series 2022 will take place between 14th and 16th January in the same venue due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The world’s best three Wales nations of top-ranked five will face head to head for once. The two top scorers will fight for the winning trophy. And the rest two nations will face one another to secure third and fourth positions in the tournament.

On 16th January 2022, the world will see the new victorious nation in the 7th wales quad series. The final match will also take place in the Ebbw Vale Sports Centre Premier. Let’s find the full fixture of the tournament.

Wales Quad Series 2022

How can i watch Wales Quad Series 2022?

The key to watch Wales Quad Series 2022 live stream free online is to register for a free trial of media streaming services at the right time. For instance, if you want to attend the first event of the Sky Sports season on January 14, you will want to register to a media streaming service a day before the game, or the day of the game.

That means you are eligible to use their free trial period. The media streaming service like Sky Sports with Live TV offers seven days for free access. It is an excellent option for you to watch Wales Quad Series 2022 live without paying a single dime. SuperSport is a great option to view it.

Sky Sports in the media streaming services might not be accessible for some people in different countries. We are pretty much aware with the geo-restriction policy upheld by the providers. All due respect, this restriction is annoying so that the viewers can’t use the services when they are outside the country. Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man in January 2022 when they host the ‘Wales Quad Series’ at Ebbw Vale Sports Centre.

What channel is the Wales Quad Series 2022 on?

The Wales Quad Series 2022 will be within the COVID-19 protocols and travel restrictions. If you cannot secure your seat on Ebbw Vale Sports Centre ground, don’t worry!. The four competing countries will broadcast the live matches following their respective TV channels.

  • Sky Sports: The satellite television company is an official broadcaster of the wales quad series tournament in the United Kingdom (UK). Sky Sports will broadcast all of the eight matches of the upcoming tournament. You can enjoy the event from any state of the UK on the TV channel.


  • Nine: If you are in Australia, you can tune the Nine TV Network to enjoy the live telecast of the 2022 wales quad series. The Nine’s Wide World of Sports will cover all matches of the event. It will broadcast the full match on its 9Gem digital multi-channel. So, we hope that you won’t miss the actions of the diamonds on the Nine TV.


  • Sky Sport: Netball England has an official contract with the widely popular Sky Sport TV to broadcast matches in New Zealand. Sky Sport is a sports-oriented TV channel to present different tournaments in the country. The TV channel will broadcast all matches of the 2022 wales quad series. So, don’t miss to tune the channel.

How to Enjoy the Live Stream on Social Media?

If you love using social media, you can enjoy the thrilling actions, videos, photos, and updates of the 2022 wales quad series on social media. Republic of Ireland has official pages and accounts on the following social networking sites.

  •  Facebook
  • YouTube
  •  Twitter
  • Instagram

Never miss having regular updates of the event on your smartphone or tablet in your social media profile. Please follow the official social media pages of Republic of Ireland to get regular updates on the upcoming tournament.

Format for the Wales Quad Series Tournament

The Wales Quad Series is a four nations event contested by Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man. The Three participatory teams are Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man. Each of the teams plays a test match against their opponent.

The nation with the highest winning matches and overall margins becomes the winner of the three-nation tournament. The organizers arrange matches among these teams reciprocally. For example, if the first match is between Gibraltar and Republic of Ireland, then the second match would be between Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man.

Wales Quad Series 2022 Venue

The Wales Quad Series has already fixed Ebbw Vale Sports Centre for 2022. The Ebbw Vale Sports Centre in the United Kingdom will be the host of six matches of the tournament.

Ebbw Vale Sports Centre is a multi-sports venue with retractable seating of 7500 spectators at a time. It is prominent with all modern amenities and accommodations. The venue’s door will open for the wales Quad Series 2022 on 14th January of the coming year.

On this day, the Ebbw Vale Sports Centre Venue will host the first match between Gibraltar and Republic of Ireland. Are you ready to grab your seat for the event?

Wales Quad Series 2019 Recap!

The action-packed Wales Quad Series will be the first time Wales have hosted a home match since 2019.

Following the latest Government announcement about spectators at events, we are disappointed to confirm that our home International Test Series against Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland will be played behind closed doors. We are continuing to work on live streaming options so fans can enjoy the matches.

However, we are excited to reveal that we can host Community Masterclasses during the weekend of the series. These Masterclasses can take place according to Welsh Government restrictions Bookings will be open from Thursday the 6th of January 2022.

Wales Quad Series 2022 Tickets-Don’t Miss to Secure Your Seat!

After a long break, the world-famous wales quad series is going back again in Ebbw Vale Sports Centre of United Kingdom. The hosts will welcome Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man for three days of competition.

The Wales Netball has already announced the schedule and fixtures held between 14th January and 16th January 2022. And they have started selling seats for Ebbw Vale Sports Centre meanwhile. Let’s find the details of the ticket.

Ticket Overview

The Wales Netball has categorized the seats of the venue into four categories. Therefore, you can book four different types of tickets as your demand and affordability. You will get your seat on the ground in the following categories.


This is the most valued category for Ebbw Vale Sports Centre seating arrangement. If you want to be close to the center court view, the particular category is for you. It will let you watch all the stunning moments and actions of the competition.

However, you have to pay more for premium seats than other categories. For example, it requires $73.63 for adults and $54.89 for a child per seat.

Category One:

If you love seating near the goal areas, then the category one ticket is for you. It allows enjoying every ball from tossed to heating the net. And category one lies just after the price and accommodation quality of premium.

Never mind costing $58.90 for adults and $44.18 for a child to purchase a ticket for each seat. Be hurry to grab the category one seats in Ebbw Vale Sports Centre.

Category Two:

Don’t miss having an autograph from your favorite player with a seat at category two. You will be on the venue’s ground floor, where the athletes and goal bar are very close. It will offer you an open court landscape just behind the goal zone.

The Wales Netball has fixed the price for category two as $52.21 for adults and $38.82 for child spectators. It can be a great family choice within an affordable price range.

Category Three:

Category three is perfect for the fans on a budget. It seems an affordable way of enjoying the 2022 Wales Quad Competition for students. This is budget-friendly seating for watching the stunning actions on the ground.

Category three of the tickets come with the lowest price ranges. For example, it starts for adults from $36.15 for children to $48.19 for adults. You can choose the category to save your pocket.

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Wales Quad Series 2022 Team Squads

The hosts will welcome Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man for three days of competition. And all of the teams have officially declared their squads of the upcoming international champion trophy. Let’s have the full squads of the event.

Gibraltar Squad

The Gibraltar National Netball team represents Gibraltar in international netball. They are also known as the Gibraltar Netball Campions.

Republic of Ireland Squad

Niamh Murphy (Captain) Aisling Sweeny, Anne Marie Jenkinson, Ciara Murphy, Deirdre O’Toole, Eimhear O’Prey, Erin Peters, Erin Leahy-Salvage, Fran Duffy, Helen Monaghan, Holly Jenkinson, Megan Thornton, Melanie Ingram, Millie Cox, Nicole Bakker, Nicole Stevenson Potter, Olivia McCloskey, Siobhan Synnott, Stacey Shaw, Trish Fanning

Isle of Man Squad

HALL, Ashley (Captain)
KEELING, Katrina
RYDER-CLAGUE, Jane (Vice Captain)
SHAW, Lydia
SWALES, Natalie

All teams are hopeful for the expected results with their talented young team members. And they have shown their supreme professionalism in fulfilling the squads. We hope that your favorite players are in the squads of the wales quad series 2022.

Last but Not the Least!

The three-nations wales quad series tournament has conquered thousands’ minds worldwide. The organizers, players, spectators, and sponsors are extremely excited about the Wales Quad Series 2022. They are counting the hosting day in Ebbw Vale Sports Centre.

The hosts will welcome Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man for three days of competition. All the contesting squads will show their mastery from 14th January to 16th January 2022.

And finally, the world will get the new champion of the international netball championship. Let’s see what happens!

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